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Skill Stigma

About Jon Kapel

what readers are saying about skill stigma

Jon Kapel captures the essence of an epidemic that has been creeping into the work force for a while now. He presents a simple, logical approach to identifying and remedying the problems facing that job-hungry segment of humanity. You can find a rewarding, satisfying occupation, and the path to that end is more uncomplicated than you know.

Bill W.

Business Professional

Wow! Skill Stigma is both a relevant and fact-based exploration of the skilled trades and an introspective guide. From those who feel trapped in a white collar job to today’s youth searching for meaningful work, Skill Stigma reveals there are more options. Lucrative and fulfilling work can be found in the skilled trades. Two thumbs up!

Kathy C.

Online Business Manager & Marketing Pro

Skill Stigma is an excellent book and a must read for anyone undecided on their future career path. Jon’s experience and insight helped me to see the term ‘skilled trade’ in a different light. I’m gifting this book to my High School Junior – it’s important that he knows the options (and opportunities!) that are available to him and the potential of a career in a skilled trade.

Amanda B.

Yoga Instructor & Virtual Assistant

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